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Name: Tardus Yuno Danvich
Nickname(s): XXX (codename)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Portonian
Height: 6 ft, 4in
Weight: 153.6 lbs.
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Crimson Red
Skin tone: Black
Current Location: Unknown
Occupation: Crime Lord / Scientist / Father
Rank: Lord

Familial Background

Birthplace: Pirontus
Date of Birth: December 17

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown
Step-Mother: Ilona Lynn Solande

Sibling(s): None

Relatives: Unknown
Marital Status: Married
Lover/ Spouse:  Misae Solande
          - Cronus - Elder twin, son
          - Rhea - Younger twin, daughter

Battle Statistics

Strength: ****
Speed: ***
Stamina: ****
Offense: ****
Defense: ***

Fighting Style: CQC (Close Quarters Combat)
Armor Make: Advanced Viral Armor


-Flash Bomb: A bomb that when thrown, creates a bright flash that temporarily blinds foes.

-Element Bomb: A bomb that when thrown, either spurts out fire, ice, or electricity.

-Hades Cannon: A large cannon that is summoned from the ground. It shoots a large laser that damages anything below it.


-Death Ball: A common technique used by all Portonians. A small or large energy ball that is launched at the foe.

-Viral Wave: A large purple energy wave that is launched at the foe at a high speed.

-Elemental Shield: Summons a rainbow-data shield that protects the front of the user.


Tardus is seen by most as a devious, cruel, and unforgiving person. He is stated to have a personality as cold as the winter storm. During a battle, he doesn't gives his opponent any mercy, and will relentlessly attack until his foes is on their knees.

However, he has a much calmer tone when it comes to his own men and generals, his lover, Misae, in particular, whom he lovingly cares for. He is also kind and loving to his son, Cronus, and his daughter, Rhea.


Tardus was born on Pirontus on December 17. His father was a scientist who dedicated his career into helping advance the technology of all Portonians. Not much is known about his mother, whose background information was erased years ago. Tardus looked up to his father as a role model, and wanted to be a scientist as well.

Soon though, his father was assassinated during a speech at the company he worked for. His mother also mysteriously disappeared. Tardus was left alone with no family. He was left at a foster home, and attended school, to become a scientist.

While there, he received news about the death of his father. The authorities had caught the assassin, who claimed he was hired to kill his father. Coincidentally, the assassin also had a son, who attended the same school. Tardus was constantly bullied by his kid, but managed to shrug him off and get to his studies.

Years later, Tardus graduated and went on to become a member of the Portonian Judges, a group that basically judged criminals, and if they were guilty or not. Tardus was happy to be a member, hoping that later, he would gain enough money to leave them and become a scientist like his father.

However, fate would intervene, when the same assassin who killed his father finally had his trial after a long time of waiting. Tardus was waiting for this, for he would finally send the man away for good. However, the judges had unexpectedly judges the assassin as not guilty, for what reason was never explained.

Tardus, enraged at their decision, killed the assassin in front of everybody. He was arrested, and as judged by the Judges, for going against their verdict, banished him from Pirontus.

Angry at his kind for betraying him, Tardus became a crime lord bent on taking revenge. By using his mechanical skills and scientific knowledge, he built his own base from scratch, and created his own army of robots to serve him. Later, he would recruit other Portonians, such as Carnage and Wakizashi, and have them become his generals.

Fate would later have them be introduced to a human by the name of Misae. She was shown to be a very tactful and experienced fighter, who was, like Tardus himself, betrayed. Interested, Tardus welcomed her with open arms, and made her a general.

As months passed, with Tardus's plans going accordingly, the Portonian race soon began to recognize Tardus as a despicable villain. Besides that, he and Misae started to grow attached to each other, after learning that they both had similar traits. Like himself, Misae had also lost her father.

Tardus soon came up with a plan to take control of a satellite in order to mess up all the computers across Pirontus. With Misae's help, he managed to retrieve the control chip for the satellite from a Portonian laboratory. After they returned, he implanted the chip inside his mechanical body to download the encrypted data. He then was attacked by a virus that had managed to enter his systems and damage him. Misae intervened and destroyed the virus, but Tardus's current body was beyond repair.

However, he thought something would eventually happen to his current body, and he had made a much smaller body to use if his current one happened to be damaged. With the help of his robot followers and Misae, he transferred his mind into his new body, which he still uses to this day.

It was during this moment that Misae declared her feelings for Tardus, as she had grown attached to him during the months they've worked together. Unknowingly, Tardus has also fallen for her, but did not want to reveal it, believing doing so would show his weak side, something he did not dare to show to any of his men. After she had told him, he said nothing and left her alone.

More months would pass, in which everything had seemed to have gone back to normal. The only thing that seemed to be happening was that Tardus and Misae had a hard time looking and even speaking to one another. This would change when Tardus decided to break the ice and bring Misae with him on a mission.

Tardus explained that he needed to download data that was archived inside an abandoned Portonian base, and he needed Misae to watch his back in case soldiers happened to spot them. It was here that he would encounter an "old friend" of his, Zazimus, who tried attacking Misae, but failed to do so when Tardus blocked his attack. He then engaged in combat with Zazimus, also letting out during the fight that he would not let Zazimus hurt Misae, and that she was precious to him. After dealing a heavy blow, Zazimus retreated, and Tardus finally confessed his love for Misae.

Soon, after being in a relationship for about a year, Misae would give birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The boy was named Cronus, and the girl was named Rhea. Both Misae and Tardus were proud to become parents.

(There is much more info to be put here, but for now, I am tired, so this is where it ends for now!)
A new, updated bio for my OC, Tardus.

I hope you like it.

Tardus (c) Me
Bio Template (c) *BlackMagesWaltz
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