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April 21, 2013
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Metal Gear Rising Motivational Poster 01 by Dictator-Heartless Metal Gear Rising Motivational Poster 01 by Dictator-Heartless
Steven Armstrong.

Senator, Presidential Candidate.

Vote Now. For Nanomachines, son.

Just don't fuck with him.

Metal Gear Rising (c) Kojima Productions
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MrGreen37 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Why is Senator Steven "Don't fuck with this Nanomachines infused Senator" Armstrong shown here?

flandrescarlet500 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
I could break the president in two!
With my bare hands!
TialasBetruger Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
AJNZulu Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
Nanomachines Son!
xxburculumxx Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
my senator :) he is epic
ChrisRBSAA Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
this guy is a completely motherfucker..but still his philosophy and his point of view of society worldwide is really great and true...people worldwide continue fighting for causes they don't believe sheep following a shepherd without questioning or wondering if is the right path or whatever..just going with the flow without thinking..and Raiden our hero just show exactly what it needs to be done to truly make the world a better place..killing every single terrorist, corrupt politician, mob motherfuckers, psycopaths, rapers..etc..cause that is the only way to truly have the so called but never achieved peace...

u must be wondering why or questioning my philosophy about this..but if you're reading this far u will understand..the only way to make justice over all these examples i said up there is with death..these people they own the cops..they own the politics..they own judges and great lawyers..they own the media..they own drug traffic, human traffic and prostitution..they basically own the world each one in their territory that extends to other countries as well..u mess with them they come after u and your familly..u try to arrest them they own the cops and will make them go and kill u and manipulate the media to turn u in the bad guy of the story while the  media will always cover up to make their hands looks clean for them to continue their dirty the only way to truly puth an end to them is killing every single one of them cause they won't stay behind bars they have money and political influence if they stay a time in jail their cell will look like a 5 star hotel room and they will be eating great and expensive food there they won't have nothing but the best just to get out of there and continue doing the same shit...

we really need heroes like Raiden out there..cause the villains are all out there and we are helplessly needing of heroes...and that is something that we won't have if people continue only thinking about party, drinks, cigarette, drugs, sex, money, fame..etc.. all these while these motherfuckers are still out there doing their shits and fucking with the life of good people..good people that unfortunately waste all their time just thinking about all these examples i said plus to only living his life based on this..then study a lot and go to college to have a good career and gain a good paycheck..and continue being explored by these motherfuckers that owns those who makes the rules and the taxes that gets higher every year forcing u to pay even more and if u don't have the money to pay u lose what's i ask u knowing all u really think that heroes are only in fiction? cause the villains are real and they're out we need heroes..and heroes are not guys with super powers and are good people with courage to do what's right and necessary to make the world a better place..people who even being in a desperate situation they continue going no matter what they never give up they push deeper as they never thought they could..and with this maybe there's a hero in all of us 
MrGreen37 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Death is not always the answer, but here, death is needed. But the corruption always comes back, due to balance, and evil always finds a way.
ChrisRBSAA Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
yes...and that's why we need people willing to do what's right and necessary to fight evil everytime it returns..there will aways exist evil..but as long as the good do something about it..evil won't win...unfortunately is winning now cause everybody is wasting their lives with bullshits and just focusing on their own lives..people are so naive...these motherfuckers controls governments..laws..taxes..everything that influence the life of like they're fucking with the lives of people and people are laughing about that and smiling like stupid idiots when what they should be doing is fighting back 
MrGreen37 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
I mostly laugh at the idiots.... but you do have a point. Though I will admit... I'm not mad enough to go partisan. Yet. When the Republicans (I've been on a mad a t Republicans since they are the ones doing the stupid shit, but reverse the conditions and the Democrats would do it to) really force our hands... then we go. As for the backround guys.... they will be harder. But not impossible.
ChrisRBSAA Featured By Owner Edited Sep 3, 2014
man politicians are all owned by mobs..cause the mobs got the banks..and the banks got the politicians..u believe it or not..this is already a war..and these guys they think they are untouchable they feel safe since they do their shits and people act like they don't care or they are too scared to do something so they got used to that...but trust me..i will crush their illusions..but this is a war i can't win alone...and unfortunately most people are too scared to do or even to admit and prefer to blind themselves to this cause..most of them think that this is just a conspiracy they're so naive cause while people thinks that..they're laughing cause that is just what they want u to think..because with that u don't do anything and they win like always until now 
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